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We use windows from Interstate Building Materials. We offer composite and vinyl windows only.

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Vinyl window installation

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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are usually made from a rigid and impact resistant synthetic polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has hollow chambers inside to resist heat transfer and condensation.

Advantages of Vinyl Frames
  • ✓ Extremely durable
  • ✓ Non-corroding
  • ✓ Virtually maintenance-free
  • ✓ Do not require painting or finishing
Composite Windows

CompositWood®️ is a revolutionary material with optional real wood laminate that offers the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of a composite.

The solid-core material is a blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that includes both PVC and acrylic-based polymers. This unique resin combination can’t absorb moisture, so it provides a very stable material that’s ideal in cold, high-heat and high-humidity climates.

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